Valley College Pace 1 Home Learning Tasks Spring Term 2021 - Week Commencing 26/01/2021

Please complete the following tasks at home with your learner.

All worksheets and resources for these sessions will be either emailed or sent out to yourself as a hard copy.

Sport and Leisure

I have sent you a pdf file of 8 stretches I would like for you to attempt with your learner.

We are also doing a virtual Sport and Leisure session where we would like as many Valley College learners to take part as possible.

The link for this session will be emailed to yourself and we will be starting the session at 1:30pm. If you can get the following songs ready such as Katy Perry Roar, Gangnam Style in case you cannot hear the music from my laptop.

Independent Life Skills

VIRTUAL SESSION on ZOOM with Michael at 9.45am (we will continue after tutorial meeting) – Independent Life Skills - Topic- Bathroom and Laundry

We will be looking at using a washing machine and pegging wet washing on a line from the basket or using airers to dry clothing.

Also, please look at the following lesson from Oak Academy on looking at using a washing machine.

Cleaning the Bathroom.

Can you please clean the following items in your Bathroom.

1) Shower    2) Bath

3) Toilet      4) Empty the Bin

5) Take away dirty towels 6) Change the toilet roll

7) Any other cleaning jobs that need doing in the bathroom.

If advocates could please send me pictures of your learner doing each of the steps of the jobs I can create Visual PowerPoints for you to use at home with your learner.

I have also sent out a VC Skills lists of the jobs so if you could fill this in with your learner I would be really grateful.

PSD - Topic- Celebrating Ourselves

Today as part of our British Values we are celebrating ourselves as we are all special.

I would then like you to celebrate ourselves and skills by completing discussing with your advocate what you are good and listing your answers. Your advocate will give you a certificate for being special.

Community Engagement

We are looking at shopping today and what questions we ask when we are in different shops. We are also looking at different shops and what items they sell. Please see the link below for the Oak Academy lesson on this.

I would like you then to complete the worksheets on different shops and the items they sell.

I would then like you to do a bit of role play with your learner and practise asking questions in a shop scenario.

Functional Numeracy

VIRTUAL SESSION with Mike to introduce after Tutorial Functional Numeracy- Topic- Common Measure

If possible for this lesson you will need 1 bowl, 1 wooden spoon, 1 bun tray, 12 bun cases, 1 spoon, 1 scales, 1 mug, 4 oz Flour, 4 oz Sugar, 4 oz Margarine and 2 eggs.

We will be looking at weighing items to make some simple bakes.

I have included a resource with instructions on how to make simple cake buns if you follow it on the screen with your learner that would be brilliant.

Community Based Projects- Working in a Care Home/The Elderly.

This is similar to last week. During this topic we would normally have been visiting care homes and completing work experience. During these sessions you would have been completing various skills within the care home.

Could your learner work on a different skill from previous week.

Please complete these skills in your own home instead:

- Make a cup of tea or coffee

- Make a bed

- Hoover the carpet.

- Listen to some old time songs.

Health & Wellbeing

Can you please look at the following lesson about managing your emotions

The topic this term is who am I and what do I enjoy. As part of this topic I have also sent you a PowerPoint on how to calm down.

I would like your learner to participate in one of these activities to improve their emotions and well being.

Functional Literacy

VIRTUAL SESSION with Mike to introduce after Tutorial Functional Literacy- Topic- Asking Questions and Communication

The literacy topic this term is about communication. I have sent you a variety of pictures of your families.

I would like you to use the colourful semantics made and I want you to start making sentences about who and what is happening in the pictures.

For the more vocal learners if we can get them to describe the pictures, who is in the pictures, what they are doing and where that would be brilliant.

Business Enterprise

I would like you to look through the PowerPoint on the working world.

I would then like you to look through some suggestions for different jobs and choose a job you could attempt in the future.



I would like all learners to attend the tutorial session each morning at 9:30am. It is a good session for all learners to see all other learners and staff and is also helpful for advocates as I go through the days sessions and resources.

Please see the daily link emailed to yourself to access these tutorial sessions.


If you can take pictures of your learner completing these activities and email me the pictures I would be really grateful.

I hope you are all doing well. We are all missing you.

Michael Dutton

Valley College


Please, if possible, take photos of all your work and email them to