At Valley College we are committed to providing inspirational education which allows learners to realise their full potential as valued members of our society.


Our ethos is to enable learners to :                                                                         

  • Secure the best post-19 outcomes
  • Gain supported employment or Voluntary role 
  • Live independently or in Supported Living
  • Become valued employees and members of social groups and communities
  • Engage in meaningful work-related learning and develop their enterprise skills
  • Control their own lives and develop their ambitions
  • Maximise independence in their community
  • To enable learners to achieve their aspirations


The Sea View Trust Vision and Values

As a provision within The Sea View Trust , the college has a shared ethos, common values and collective goals.  For more details about the Sea View Trust Vision and Values, for which the Trust Members are custodians, follow the link directly below to download the document:

The Sea View Trust Vision and Values