Work Related Learning

What is work-related learning?

The formal definition of work-related learning is: Planned activity that uses the context of work to develop knowledge, skills and understanding useful in work, including learning through the experience of work, learning about work and working practices, and learning the skills for work.

• For work is about developing skills for enterprise and employability (for example, through problem-solving activities, work simulations, and mock interviews)

• About work is about providing opportunities for learners to develop knowledge and understanding of employers, employment and enterprise (for example, through vocational courses and careers education)

• Through work is about providing opportunities for learners to learn from direct experiences of work, including developing the employability skills and ‘can-do’ attitude that employers value

In Valley College, discreet sessions are delivered to learners to prepare our young adults for the world of work.  The areas covered are:

  • PPE and hazards in the workplace
  • Jobs in the Community and Labour Market Intelligence
  • First Aid and
  • CV's and interview techniques

Valley College have a variety of work placements in house and externally.  These placements range from Freshfields in Burnley (Horticulture Work Experience Placement), The Station Hotel (Commercial Cleaning Work Experience Placement) and The Garage Cafe (Catering & Hospitality Work Experience Placement).

All learners gain experience in work placements. They use skills learnt in work based training sessions (In House) in real life work experience settings.

Work-based Training

Learners will examine their ideas and opportunities through individual discussions with their tutor and work experience co-ordinator. Learners will be offered a broad range of realistic placements and will also be given the opportunity to practice learned skills.

Prior to placements starting, learners will attend a mock interview and induction, where expectations are highlighted, where appropriate these meetings will be supported by the use of social stories and visual timetables.

During the work based placement learners will be supervised and supported by a member of Valley College staff.

All placements will be fully risk assessed to ensure that the learners’ levels of experience and potential lack of awareness of hazards in the workplace are taken into account at all times. Care will be taken to ensure the learners’ personal safety is maintained at all times.

Employers are asked to complete a feedback form to help the learner evaluate their experience. This can be either written or photographic along with a short statement by the supervisor or support staff.

If you are an employer and would like more information about working with our learners, then please contact our office at, or alternatively telephone 01706 214640.

More information for employers to provide the tools to help autistic young people prepare for work experience, employment or further training can be found here

Work Related Learning