Business Enterprise

Business Enterprise focuses on the world of work for example a factory setting or retail setting.  Learners design and create products to market and sell within their local community. Integral to this is identifying the appropriate PPE required and its uses.

Information and Guidance

Our aspiration is for all learners to leave the college with a plan for their future which is appropriate to meet their individual needs.
Through person centred planning and education we aim to equip our learners with the skills and resilience to cope with the adult world of work.

All learners in Valley College have an entitlement to Information and Guidance (IAG) education delivered through discrete lessons, work based learning and through key events in college. We aim to foster a work ethic into our learners through giving them opportunities such as work experience and in some cases jobs in the college. In addition to preparing pupils for the world of work our IAG programmes aims to :

  • Develop learners’ functional skills within the subject areas – English, Maths and Computing;
  • Develop practical work skills and independent living skills;
  • Help learners to make choices about their career pathway.

Employability Curriculum