Valley College Pace 1 Home Learning Tasks Spring Term 2021 - Week Commencing 19/01/2021

Please complete the following tasks at home with your learner.

All worksheets and resources for these sessions will be either emailed or sent out to yourself as a hard copy.

British Values and Independence

The topic for this term is British Values and Independence. With this in mind we want you to practise British Values and Independence in you home environment.

Advocate Note: Sometimes it is useful to have visual prompts to help learners with tasks. I have included links to appropriate websites which will help with each task. 


Independent Life Skills

The topic for independent life skills for this term is cleaning the bathroom, sorting laundry and using a washing machine.

1) Cleaning the Bathroom

Can you watch the following Lessons from Oak Academy with your learner. It helps with using cleaning products safely.

2) Cleaning the Bathroom.

Can you please clean the following items in your Bathroom.

1) Shower            2) Bath

3) Toilet               4) Empty the Bin

5) Take away dirty towels 6) Change the toilet roll

7) Any other cleaning jobs that need doing in the bathroom.

3) Sorting Laundry and Using a Washing Machine.

Can you watch the following Lessons from Oak Academy with your learner. It helps with using a washing machine and sorting hanging up clothes

PSD/ Citizenship

The topic for Citizenship for this term is British Values.

I have included resources about British Values, Being a Friend and about the law in our country.

If you can please work through these resources with your learner that would be great.

Community Engagement

This Term we are working on our communication and which people we ask for help in our community.

I would like you to have a look at the links below about who we see in the community and what we should ask each of them.

Please look through the following links with your learner.

Functional Literacy and Numeracy

We are completing various sessions in Functional Literacy and Numeracy please see the resources and information emailed to yourself everyday.


I would like all learners to attend the tutorial session each morning at 9:30am. It is a good session for all learners to see all other learners and staff and is also helpful for advocates as I go through the days sessions and resources.

Please see the daily link emailed to yourself to access these tutorial sessions.


If you can take pictures of your learner completing these activities and email me the pictures I would be really grateful.

I hope you are all doing well. We are all missing you.

Michael Dutton

Valley College


Please, if possible, take photos of all your work and email them to