Cultural Capital

The term Cultural Capital is described by Ofsted as being the essential knowledge young people need to be effective citizens.  It is about enabling young people to learn skills and realise talents, develop character and resilience and learn about British Values, Diversity and Mental Health and Wellbeing.

At Valley College, we promote British Values through our spiritual, moral, social and cultural education through the college PSD and Health and Wellbeing curriculum.  These values are identified as 

  • Democracy - we ensure that learners are given a voice to communicate, including using alternative and augmentative communication.  Learners are empowered to make choices and we have an active Learner Voice meeting each half term.
  • Individual Liberty - Learners are encouraged to become good and valued citizens and we do this by supporting each learner to become as independent as possible. We endeavour to demonstrate that everyone has rights, including the right to be involved in decision making such as the review process.
  • Rule of Law - Learners are involved via our Learner Voice in contributing to makin decisions and choices about conduct that is acceptable to our college community and society at large.
  • Mutual Respect - We promote the inclusion of all learners ensuring that an individualised curricular is provided according to the aspirations of the learner.  Positive interactions are promoted through the work experience and community and sports curriculae, whereby learners participate in a range of situations including community events to develop community cohesions within our local communities.
  • Tolerance - Valley College is part of the wider Sea View Trust community that values each individual regardless of their age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation with due regard to the Equality Act 2010.  The college places great emphasis on providing encounters and participation in events and celebrations to broaden the experiences of learners and their awareness of others.
  • The college staff work closely with learners, advocates and other professionals to ensure that all learners within Valley College are happy. Our Safeguarding Policy entrusts a duty of care to all staff to protect and promote the welfare of learners

British Values Statement