Key Skills Curriculum

In Valley College we identify 3 main areas from which our individual priority targets address:

  • Functional Literacy Skills
  • Functional Numeracy Skills
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

We deliver these skills through our individual target teaching in Key Skills lessons. Our aim is:

  • To develop effective age and ability appropriate key skills in all learners, developing their individual potential to the full.
  • To foster an enjoyment of learning which may include the teaching of learning to learn skills.
  • To develop initiative and ability to work both independently and in co-operation with others across the curriculum.
  • To reflect the individuals key learning stages creating appropriate teaching experiences and taking into account relevant research and teaching strategies.

Individual targets are identified in accordance with our Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy and the relevant Curriculum Model. Key Skills is taught daily throughout college for an hour. Speech Therapy programmes are incorporated into the Key Skills allocation where this is appropriate to learners.

Our young adults in Valley College are taught specific communication/early literacy skills, cognition/early numeracy skills and motor/PSD targets in small groups or individually throughout the hour.

In addition learners will work towards acquiring skills, independent learning skills and assessment for learning. Targets are generalised across the college curriculum and in the work place.